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arousedbypylons's Journal


Hello, friends. :D

I'm emIIru; Call me whatever you feel comfortable with~

I'm a child at mind and at heart, and I will stay as such until I die.
I do know when to keep it serious, and I do know how to tone it down; I am not as immature as many people may think.
Take the chance to get to know me.
I can be your best friend or I can simply just not be in your life at all.

I am young, inspired, and I'm going to go far in life, no matter what anyone says.
I plan to be a bassist in a Visual or Oshare Kei style band in the near future; No, it's not just "a dream", it's going to be my LIFE, and I will make it so.
Dream your dreams, live your life, as long as you want it, you will get it.
All you have to do is believe and persue.

If you really want to get to know me more, please friend me up; I always add back. :3

Ohay, gaiz. :D

i'm in slytherin!
Proud Slytherin.



Random Shizz.